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4 days touring Ireland by car

Will be traveling from Dublin by car the middle of June and was wondering if my itenerary is feasible.
Day 1: Rock of Cashel, Waterford and Blarney
Day 2: Killarney Nat'l Park and Cliffs of Moher
Day 3 & 4: Dublin

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Killarney National Park and the Cliffs of Moher in one day sounds VERY tight. That's alot of driving and if you take the highway it's not so pretty, if you take the scenic road it's much slower than you think!

Have you looked into The Kerry Cliffs? They are much closer to Killarney than the Cliffs of Moher, and spectacular. They're near PortMagee and Valentia Island, which is a lovely alternative, just off the Ring of Kerry, on the Skellig Loop. Personally I've been to both many, many times and I like Kerry's cliffs, better. They're just not so famous (my Clare grandfather is rolling in his grave).

(Now I'll hear all the folks from Clare dissing me for that comment!)

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is Day 1 after you have gotten off a flight from North America?

Honestly, with 4 days, I would stick to Dublin and its immediate area ( Howth, Killiney) maybe take the train to Belfast for one day.

i suggest you about day 3 & 4..... choose a local taxis and easy to travel all placed of dublin. i am using same way to visit dublin. its cheap and easy way. but before book a taxi must be use good taxis companies and also give them all scenario about your visit. My Suggestion Because i am using credit also and they accept. DRC Taxis

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Thanks for the advise. We will spend the night in Dublin after being in Scotland before we set out by car on day one. I didn't know about the other Cliffs and will certainly look into it. And yes, will use public transportation while in Dublin.

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totally agree with the Cliffs of Kerry alternative. We just visited both Moher and Kerry Cliffs and based on your limited time frame I would not go up to Moher, I would stay down near Kerry and check out the cliffs there. Now if you are hoping for a longer hike along the cliffs rather than a hour or so of viewing the trail from Doolin to C of Moher is pretty awesome. I don't want to sell Doolin short!