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30th anniversary getaway in December

Our 30th anniversary is in December! Ireland is our top destination. I know it's hard to foresee weather but will December be miserable to see Ireland or should we delay until June? I would love to hear your thoughts and great travel advice!

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Ireland is pretty far north, and weather's cold and pretty dismal in December.

If possible, choose a month with warmer temperatures.

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Many places close over the winter so if you want to get a better feel for the country and its people I would delay until at least spring.

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Since you are from Charleston you will probable enjoy the trip much more in the summer. We love Ireland but wouldn't think of going in December.

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We've been in February, and found it more dismal than our other trips (in April and May). The days are short, and the drizzle is cold. Lots of interesting attractions are closed, and some accommodations also. That said, the welcome is warm and a turf fire in a pub is very nice. Is it your first trip? With planning, you could do a fair bit, and your hosts will have more chance to pass the time of day with you.

That said, around Christmas is a great season to visit Europe too. I would pick the Christmas markets in Germany, though I expect you would find cheer and charm in Ireland at that time.

We actually return home from Ireland the day before our 30th (July 11), so happy anniversary to you too, fellow 1987 newlyweds. We are looking forward to the long days of summer so we get more scenery per day, and more time for leisurely drives. I do think at this point in our lives we can commemorate the event a little askew from the actual date, and still make it a special celebration.

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My recommendation would be to go in the Summer. You will have long hours of day light and better chance of decent weather. I was in Ireland in July 2015, we had a few days of great weather and then it changed drastically. I needed my rain jacket, ear muffs, and gloves on at times. The wind can be wicked (even in July) coming off the Atlantic Ocean onto the West Coast. You will definitely get the most out of Ireland in the Summer months. Don't wait until 2018 go this summer! Happy Anniversary. I have family in England and I do not choose to go in the Winter just because the days are very short with dark/grey skies. I want to get the most out of my trips and Europe in the Summer is the best. (you can escape the hot summers here in the US).

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Thanks to the great input! Deep down inside I knew that we should probably wait until summertime. We know that Ireland is known for the many shades of green, and we want to experience the best!