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3 months in Ireland

I plan to actually live in Ireland next spring ~ April, May and June.

What clothing do I need to pack for the climate at that time?

Since I have already rented a cottage, and I am not renting a car, I am trying to figure out a budget for meals. I will provide my own breakfast and lunch with items from the grocery store, so I would like some idea of what a sandwich or something like colcannon would cost at the local pub.
Thank you for any help you are able to give

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When I was there in August 2014 the weather was good (for Ireland), with only one day's rain (very unusual I was told) and high temps ranging from 15-16 to as high as 24 (veritable heat wave). In other words, take rainproof outer wear and footwear and warm clothes. To get a really good idea of what to expect, go to the site and put in the nearest town. You can see the daily historical weather for any month for the last 10 years. Pub lunches were great - a bowl of thick vegetable soup with brown soda bread and butter for about €5-6, very tasty and very filling.

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If you're going to 'live' there for 3 months and if you'll have facilities for cooking and/or heating meals, then just figure what you spend at home for groceries/meals for 3 months then convert that to €. If you eat a lot of moderately priced meals out at home, then dial it back a bit if you want to save money; if you never eat out at home, then bump the budget up a bit.

As for clothing in the spring months, it might depend on where exactly you're staying but generally there will be mild temps with a pretty good chance of some type of rain (not usually heavy) 3-4 times a week. So bring layers, one of which is a waterproof outerwear, because it will go from chilly and damp part of the day to sunny and warm other parts of the day. If you'll be doing outdoor things, especially a lot of walking then bring at least 2 pairs of good walking shoes so one can by drying out while you wear the other, or have a pair of really good waterproof shoes. Of course, if you're going to be there that long, you could always pick up a pair of rubber boots for rainy days after you get there if you feel the need.

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You are probably aware of this, but if you plan to be there more than 90 days as a tourist, you probably need to apply for a visa if you don't hold an Irish passport. Your post is not clear as to whether you would exceed the 90 days. Info is on the Irish Embassy website.
Sorry if you are already aware of this.

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In what city or townland is the cottage located? Cost of the sandwich could vary based on location of the "local pub."

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For a VERY GENERAL ballpark, I would suggest estimating E15 for a modest pub meal....maybe as low as E10 for some choices, if you are a light eater. But, that excludes any adult beverages, which I would guess might be E5 and up.

It has been a few years since we were in Ireland, and our travels were on the Western side.

Enjoy your time there.......3 months should be fabulous :)

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Bring a sweater and a rain jacket. I just came from there.