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3 Days in Dublin


My husband and I will be in Dublin 3 full days in June. We've got an Air BnB on S Anne St between Trinity and St Stephen's Green so we will be pretty centrally located. We like to have full days when we're traveling but want to make sure we haven't bitten off too much. Here's my proposed plan:
Day 0
Late afternoon arrival. Walk around St Stephen's Green. Dinner and a pub

Day 1
Book of Kells/Trinity College
O'Connell St Stroll from Rick's Dublin (GPO witness and Hugh Lane Gallery visits)
Epic Irish Emigration Museum
Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship

Day 2
Kilmainham Gaol
St Patrick's
Christ Church
Dublin City Hall
Dublin Castle

Day 3
National Museum Archaeology
National Gallery
National museum - Natural History
Merrion Square

I'd also love to see a Hurling Match. Are these typically held in the day or evening? I'd sacrifice a museum or 2 on day 3 to do that instead (this will be a Saturday). I looked online but only saw a schedule through March. Will they be playing in early June? Anything i missed or think we should skip?

We also enjoy a good pub where everyone sings along with the traditional songs. I know that pubs abound in Dublin but any specific recommendations (especially in our neighborhood) would be appreciated.


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Yes, look for a Leo Burdock for Fish-n-chips. There a few around town, one is near the castle. Take away only but worth it. I would make the journey back to Dublin just for their fish.

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Not sure when you are going but during tourist season the line for the Book of Kells was insane for us......and a waste of half a day. I'd have alternatives ready. Second the fish and chips advice - I don't eat fish but my wife doesn't stop talking about how good it was ! Have fun. I'd just have alternatives always ready - nothing on the list is must see enough to sit in a long line with only three days available. We learned the hard way.

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I'm planning on getting tickets online for Book of Kells for first thing in the morning to skip the line.

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Frommers recommends skipping Book of Kells and adding Chester Beatty library instead...

"No one’s saying the book itself isn’t beautiful. But to see it (or rather, the tiny portion on display) you’ll have to crowd around a small display case with a roomful of people who, like you, have paid handsomely for the privilege. Meanwhile, a short walk away at the Chester Beatty Library, you can see a stunning collection of illuminated gospels and other ancient religious texts, every bit as magnificent in their artistry—and for free."

I'm going to Dublin for the first time in June and that is my plan...

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I've been to the Book of Kells more than once with friends; the last time being August (tourist season). I didn't find it crowded at all! I went late in the day..... in case your early tickets don't work.

I can't recall the exact date but I know at least one big hurling match was on in August, because it was on when I was visiting friends in Wicklow.... every place we went the tvs were mobbed.... I tried to get tickets and my friends laughed.... but do try!!! Even just watching it in a pub with lots of Irish around would be fun, though.....

The National Gallery is fantastic. I used to live in Washington, DC, so I know museums, and this one is world class. Caravaggio; Turners; more...... and free, of course!

Expat living in Waterville, Ireland

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We went in September and no line for Book of Kells. I'm a librarian, so that was on my must-see list. However, I enjoyed the great Long Hall of Trinity College just as much as the Book (on the same tour). The museum part around the book is quite well done, with information and exhibits on the book and the history/archaeology of Ireland. All that being said, it's just a bit of a downer to see only two pages in the book, even if you're not trying to push between people to get a better view. You can wander around the museum part until you see fewer people in the viewing room, at least. I'd still see it if I could, but worth 3 hours in line? I'm not sure about that. I like the rest of what you've set up to see. It's ambitious, but doable.

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The Book of Kells vs. Chester Beatty Library debate is reminding me of when, in France, I decided to visit Vaux Le Vicomte instead of Versailles, as suggested in the Rick Steves book. Although it was an enjoyable afternoon and less crowded than Versailles, I regretted a little bit not seeing "the real thing."

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I have been to the Book of Kells twice and I highly recommend it. The way to go is the buy your ticket ahead and skip the line. Because of times tickets, it is never so buys that you would not see the book. The Long Library is simply amazing

Pre-purchase your tickets for Kilmainham gaol as well.

The Brazenhead has amazing pub food. My daughter who ate fish and chips everyday of our two week trip said they were the best fish and chips she has ever had!

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Second (or third?) for the Chester Beatty Library (though not necessarily instead of the Book of Kells). The Chester Beatty Library has, among other things, a really magnificent and informative exhibit about the religions of the world. I learned a lot.