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25 and 27 year old brothers traveling in Ireland 10 days

One is studying in Dublin for 5 weeks the other will meet him 10 days prior mid June. On tight budget. Thinking of 2 day start in London then onto Ireland. The hostels look grim. Other inexpensive ideas that include safe clean rooms-(college campuses air bnb) with lock. Interested in Dublin Galway Dingle. Family connections historically in County - Kerry and Cork is this worth a visit.
Want to meet other peers balance of city and scenery. Any tours groups for our age group?

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Hello! I'm an American living in Ireland for 2 1/2 years (on the Ring of Kerry in Kerry).

Let me start by saying the hostels are NOT grim! If ONLY we had hostels in America like we have here in Ireland. There are some FANTASTIC hostels in Ireland! And England! I've stayed in many.... Tell them to get on to the HostelWorld app to help pick some.

My fav's (including London since you mention that):
London: FreshGreen Man; great location, nice bar downstairs.
London: Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage Nice but the breakfast in Greenman is better.
London: Smart Russell Square. HUGE so not my first choice, but a good spot nonetheless
Dublin: Spire Hostel. about 2 blocks from the spire.
Cork city: Bru Hostel. Over a bar with great live music. Near bus/train. I've stayed there six times
Cork city: Sheila's Hostel. A wonderful environment - it's not open in winter that's why I stay in Bru, more.
Killarney: Neptune's Hostel. Great kitchen, fab showers, wonderful common area. a new building added last year that's lovely.
Dingle: Rainbow Hostel. I've not stayed there but friends recommend it.
Tralee: Castle Hostel - fantastic. Reading lights on each bed. Spotless. Great hosts.
Galway: I stayed in two here, neither I would recommend. One locked the doors at night so we couldn't get out for a walk early in the morning! What a fire trap THAT was!! The other was popular but in a VERY noisy part of town. I think it was a Backpacker's Hostel - your brothers might like it! ;-)

The buses and trains are expensive in Ireland. Make sure they know that! I hitchhike in the country - it's not so easy in the bigger towns. I've never had a problem. If they're fit, they might want to try cycling around Ireland. It's easy to rent biycles!

If they're on Couchsurfing, I always have alot of luck with that as I travel around Ireland (I travel alot - I'm working on a photo book or ireland!).

Most of the "tours" are expensive in Ireland, so if someone is on a buget it's not my first recommendation. If they're on a budget and interested in doing some day to day "research" they could sign up for -- there's some good deals!

Good luck!


Hope this helps!

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Greetings from Ireland Stephanie,

Susan is right, the hostels are far from grim, some are former hotels and very very nice. You'll find them on and other such websites.

There quite a wide variety of good tours also starting at around €500 pp for cheap and cheerful and staying in hostel dorms to around €1300 for a smaller group and better quality experience and accommodation in B&Bs and Hotels.

Let me now if you'd like some more detailed responses, best wishes to you on you trip.

Stephen McPhilemy
Rick Steves Ireland Tour-Guide