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2019 September trip

Hey everyone,
Myself and 2-3 others are planning a trip in September of 2019 to Ireland basically a birthday trip for me. I just was wondering what the weather would be like, hotels etc. Plan is we enjoy touring ancient history sites, castles, etc. We want to see the countryside and of course The Cliffs of Moher for me as well as tour Guiness and Jameson distilleries. Just wondering how driving is. Is it difficult to get the hang of?? Should we do a set place somewhere in Dublin with air bnb and do an overnight to Moher? Any help and insight would be greatly appreciated

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How long do plan to travel?
As for weather, that's anybody's guess.
As for hotels, hard to make suggestions without a budget and itinerary.
As for driving, we've driven in Scotland, England, Italy and France as well as Ireland - Ireland wasn't our favorite for driving as the roads were narrow (outside the cities) and generally lined with walls. As for getting the hang of driving on the other side, tough to comment since everyone's experience is different. DH had no issues but other people we know tried it once and said "never again!"
As for seeing the cliffs - I'd recommend an overnight if you are planning to go from Dublin. However, since it's clear on the other side of the country, it's a fair distance to go for only one site.
My advice is to decide what exactly you want to see/do in Ireland and then put together an itinerary - then the fine folks here can help you refine it.

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Hey Nancy
We'll be there a week to 8 days. As for activities we'll be doing a lot on the east coast because that's where a lot of castles are. Visit Rock of Cashel, Cork, Waterford, Wicklow Mountain National Park, and Glendalough. I figured overnight to Moher. See Doolin cave, Hag's Head, and Clare coastal walk. A lot of hike, walk, enjoy the land and countrysides

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Driving you get the hang of very quickly. Do avoid driving in Dublin like the plague its insanity. Use public transport there. Roads can be narrow in the country but unless you are a panicky driver it really is easy.....especially on narrow roads just letting the locals lead and direct you.

You sound like you love history. Great that your going to Glendalough. September shouldn't be too busy but try and avoid a beautiful Saturday mid day. Day trippers from Dublin can overrun the place. Just go early in the morning or late in the afternoon. It doesn't close (the visitor center does but the park remains open) and it is utterly magical.

Don't miss Newgrange not far north of Dublin. Visiting the ancient tomb....older than the pyramids is so feel like you can really touch eternity.

As for the Cliffs of Moher......they are beautiful but tourist overrun. For me the strip mall souvenir shops at the base, the tour buses and crowds really detract from it. Again early or late is best.....but if for some reason you get close to other better wild cliff sites like the Cliffs of Kerry ...Just off the ROK or the Cliffs of Kilkee about half an hour from Moher.....or the Cliffs at Dun Anghosa fort on the Arans ......grab the chance. They are the Wild undeveloped cliffs people dream of seeing. Moher IS beautiful but overrun.

Dublin to Moher area is pretty easy but far better West Coast options exist........Connemara near Galway. The insanely beautiful and historic Dingle peninsula or the Ring of Kerry/Skellig Ring which has incredible scenery, ruins, castles, ring forts etc. All far far better than Moher. Again Moher is nice but there are wildly better options.

We love traveling in September. The weather has been nice every time but there are never guarantees with Irish weather. Most things are open and crowds are far less. Plenty of nice lodging options almost anywhere.

Have a great trip ! Just don't overload your itinerary......leave time for your own "finds"....they are everywhere.....and those and interacting with the staggeringly welcoming, fun, funny Irish people is where the trip magic really happens........and don't sweat the driving !