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2 week itinerary advice

I posted last week looking for suggestions for Ireland & Scotland by car for 14 days. After careful consideration we have decided to focus just on Ireland for this trip. I am looking for help creating my itinerary. I think landing in Dublin, renting a car and heading to Northern Ireland sounds like a good idea and then finishing our stay in Dublin (carless) for 2-3 days. Any help of where to stay and for how long, along the way, would be greatly appreciated. We are two couples, traveling together, comfortable driving, and like to accomplish a lot in each day. Thank you in advance!

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I would suggest you look into flying into Belfast, and then flying out of Dublin, or the other way around. They are two separate countries, with two different currencies so logistically it doesn't make sense to cross the border and have to switch currency right away. Or, another option, fly into Shannon and when done with the car drop it in Dublin, spend some time there, and then take the train to Belfast and fly home from there after spending a couple of days. Or, a third option, just leave Northern Ireland off the list this trip and spend all of your time in the south. There is more than enough to see and do to keep you busy for the whole two weeks. It will all depend on how badly you want to see certain things in Norther Ireland.

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Would help focus if you let us know your main areas of interests. Also any types of things that don't interest you. I.e. some people want shopping not historical sights.....others mainly photographing vs. rural etc. Best Wishes .....and smart to narrow the focus this time.