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2 or 3 nights in Dublin?

Would you stay 2 or 3 nights Dublin? If we do 2 nights, we will do 3 nights in Killarney. If we do 3 in Dublin, we will do 2 nights in Killarney.


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We did 5 nights year before last and are doing 4 nights this summer.

Two nights is only one full day, Dublin ( to me) is worth more the one many excellant sites, the museums, etcetc...its worth the two full days 3 nights to us,,,but then it really comes down to personal tastes.

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Agreed, all down to personal tastes and what time you arrive in Dublin and how jet-laggy you'd be. If you arrive early and aren't usually the type of person who feels jet-lag then Id opt for 2 nights and try and fit in another one of our beautiful towns or cities also

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I second what stephenmc wrote. We arrived in Dublin on a red eye from the east coast, so we were in downtown Dublin, had eaten breakfast, and were ready to go at 9:00 a.m. So two nights still gave us two full days. If you feel you will be jet lagged or are arriving later in the day, then I'd think you want to do three nights. The key is, in my opinion, you want at least two full days there. Of course there is more to do in Dublin than you can do in two days, but there is so much else to see on the island that I do believe getting out and seeing it is worth it.