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2 buddies in Ireland, Golf and Drinking Question

Me and buddy will be flying into Dublin June 18th, flying out June 25th from Dublin. We currently have no set plans besides spending the first night in Dublin so we are open to going anywhere in Ireland, though we'd prefer to stay in Euro-centric places.

We are wanting to go golfing maybe 2 times during the week but at someplace where our high handicap won't be an issue and hopefully could play with locals. Any ideas?

Also, what parts or Ireland or cities should we visit if we really just want to experience meeting, talking with, and drinking with the locals?

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Greetings from Ireland.
Sounds like your trip will be a lot of fun. To play golf with locals and join them in 19th hole afterwards for a beer, you might want to avoid the big expensive and famous courses. I find the courses in royal Portrush, the K club and Trumps place in Doonbeg a bit like being on Wall Street, there are invariably loads of rich male American bankers playing, Irish people too of course but often the majority are rich Americans. Nothing wrong with that of course, but you did state you want to play with locals.
There are tons of great courses in Dublin, my uncles are members, and its a very authentic, accessible and affordable golf experience. As is the local course near me in Dingle, as are hundreds of others.

Im not sure what you mean by saying in places that are 'euro-centric'? But if you want authentic local experiences, they are to be found in abundance. Be careful not to rule out places like Dingle, Galway or Westport, that get a lot of tourists and some people in this forum will say avoid, because of the amount of tourists. These towns are where I find the most genuine local fun experiences anywhere in Ireland, and I have traveled around this Island as a tour-guide for 20 years, so Im talking from experiences.

Enjoy the golf and don't have too many 'Ryanair shots', y'know were the ball flies well in the air but doesnt land where you want it to.

Le meas/with respect
Stephen McPhilemy
Rick Steves Ireland tour-guide
Dingle & Derry

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By Euro-centric, I mean stay within Ireland and not go to N Ireland. Since the Republic uses the Euro and not the british pound.

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On the drinking part of you question. Do NOT drink and drive. If you are caught the fines are enormous and I am not sure that jail time might be somewhere in there. Maybe a local can chime in on this part.

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Absolutely not into drinking and driving. Have issues enough walking and drinking

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South of the Dublin area, close to Glendalough, is the oldest hotel in Ireland, the Woodenbridge. They have golf packages available. It is a bit out in the hinterlands, but a marvelous place to stay. It has its own pub life etc. Here's a link. I have stayed at the Woodenbridge 6 times over the past 15 years and never had any thing but a great time. The drive from Dublin through the Vale of Avoca is worth it alone. Very reasonably priced, I think. While in the area, go to Glendalough and the Glendalough Hotel bar. You can't go wrong at either place.

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I am doing the same trip and would commend County Louth golf (also Laytown & Bettystown) based on info I've obtained from others

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The Republic and Northern Ireland are both part of Europe. Not sure what makes one "Euro-centric" and the other not.

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When I read "golf and drinking" - my first thought was don't drink and drive . . . because driving tipsy on the course can easily land you in a sand trap :-) and won't help your handicap . . .

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Northern Ireland would be awesome but we are wanting to try and stay in the republic since they use the euro and try to stretch our money a little longer.