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To Ireland

Spending a week, solo, doing family research in Belfast etc. and then over to Glasgow, Scotland for the second week.

1. Read many Q&A's on this site re flying in/out of Dublin or Shannon, to avoid extra $$?

2. If I fly into Shannon would be renting a car there and returning it to Shannon or Dublin to fly to Glasgow or is it cheaper to fly in to Edinburgh and rent another car there? And as for flying home, is it better out of Glasgow or Edinburgh.
2. Been a while since driving over there. Last time was a stick shift and I needed a sling the second day with shifting on the other side. Is it more costly to rent an automatic than stick? Will be renting a car in both Ireland and Scotland....unless I can get a train down to Glasgow and walk my way around.
3. As for places to stay the first night. Will drive north to Belfast and spend the night there and then drive to Cookstown, still in the North, maybe an hour or so away . Do not have a B&B there but can look it up unless someone has been there recently.

Thanks for any information you can offer, Roberta

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Hi Roberta, as far as the car, definitely get an automatic, it costs a bit more, it's worth it. I would also encourage you to take full coverage and to consider buying the deductible down to zero, as Ireland tends to be tough on cars.
Have a great time.

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Thanks Dave, appreciate your help. Probably better to book car on line to pick up at the airport, rather than try to get one on arrival, possibly cheaper as well.


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You should definitely book a car ahead of time, particularly if you want an automatic. I would book as soon as possible, then keep watching the prices to see if any deals come along. If so, you can take it, and cancel the first reservation.