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13 Days in Ireland

Hi, I really could use some guidance with our trip in early June. We are two 50+ women going to Ireland for 1st time. I have roots in Cork and Cavan and would like to "pop in" both places but stay elsewhere as from what I can tell, there are so many other locations with more things to see/do.
So...our tentative schedule looks like:
Dublin for 3 nights
Kilkenny 4 nights (take day trip to Cork)
Dingle 3 nights
Galway 3 nights
The problem is; Cavan is 2 1/2 hours away from Galway.
Any suggestions on how to fit Cavan in? Even if it is for a day trip? Is there a better place to lodge than Galway that we would still have great options in the lodging town AND get to Cavan to have a look see?
We will have to travel from last lodging location on 13th day to Dublin or Shannon airport (which do you suggest?) and fly to Edinburgh for 8 days. Any ideas/suggestions welcome! Thanks!

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I hope that you're driving. Otherwise, it looks like you would access Cavan by bus from Dublin. If you make this drive on the day that you depart Galway, Cavan is a bit closer to Dublin airport than Shannon, so you could spend a half day, continue the drive another 2 hours, and sleep near Dublin airport.

If you decide not to do this full, circular driving route, then it would save time to depart from Shannon airport, instead.

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Hi again,
It use to be possible to fly into Dublin and fly out of Shannon. If that is still an option renting a car in Dublin and returning it in Shannon is worth looking into. Dead heading your car in Shannon may be costly, but doing so could add a touring day to your trip.

Galway is a must because it is famous. And it has one shop, O'Maille's, that sells absolutely 100% Irish hand knit sweaters. You will know the sweaters by their price, ouch. Beware of 100% assembled in Ireland, machine knit, or 100% Irish wool. Galway is just like Limerick in my experience, I have never found either city a joy to visit. I would say, over shoot Galway and get to Clifden in Connemara and stay there. Clifden is an old market town and has some nice restaurants. 25 miles out of Galway heading NW the scenery gets nice and continues nice to Clifden where the road swings NE and is nice all the way to Westport. Westport is a lovely city. Back roads are beautiful in Connemara.

wayne iNWI

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in my opinion, 4 days in Kilkenny is a lot. We were there for one day and night and it was enough to see the town including the castle, walk the medieval mile etc.

What about adding Kinsale?

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Hi, thank you for your replies and advice. We’ve decided to fly out of Dublin on our last day. So that part is settled thankfully.
We will spend 2-3 nights in Galway but plan to take day trip out to Conmerra and Westport. Oh and we also added a couple nights in Kinsale.
What are the must see and what not to bother with suggestions for visiting Kilkenny, Kinsale, Dingle and Galway?