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Tour companies?


I'll be using Dublin as a "home base" this summer, and would like to take some day trips to places such as Cliffs of Moher, maybe Kilkenny/Wicklow, etc. I've seen the following companies online, and am wondering if anyone has used them (especially since some of their websites look a bit old)? If not, does anyone have any recommendations of companies who provide day tours?

DublinSightseeing.IE /

RailToursIreland.Com /


If you have used any of these companies, do you suggest I buy tickets when I arrive or in advance?

Thank you!

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Our family used Galway Tour Company in 2012. I really enjoyed their tours. They also provide round trip bus service from Dublin for their tours.

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Unfortunately Rick doesn't cover much in the way of tour companies that go out into the countryside like you are looking for. We don't have any experience with the companies that you mentioned. Keep in mind that distances in Ireland can be long. For example, from Dublin to the cliffs usually takes about 3-4 hours one way. So, on a tour, expect to spend the whole day on a bus. Daytrips from Dublin that are doable would be sites in the Boyne Valley, Glendalough and the Wicklow Mt. and Kilkenny (a longer trip). I hope this helps some.

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Thanks for the information! Yes, I realize that day trips such as those to the Cliffs of Moher mean spending a long time on a bus or train. I'm not interested in renting a car, though, so I'll have to deal with the time on the bus.

Thanks for the information on some of the more reasonable day trip options. I'll check out those locations.