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12 day route lower half of Ireland - Suggestions?

First trip to Ireland. Planning 12 days May 2017 hoping to pick a few home bases and travel out daily from there.
Arrive Dublin, pickup car and drive to Bru na Boinne then over to Trim. 1 Night in Trim.
Travel Trim to Galway area - Stay 2 nights
Travel to Limerick area - Stay 3 nights
Travel to Kenmare area - Stay 3 nights
Travel to Kilkelly area - Stay 2 nights
Back to Dublin for 2 nights and flight home
Would like to reduce home bases if possible. Trying to limit long driving times, have flexibility in schedule, tour off the beaten path a bit. Especially interested in culture, archeology, history, local food, muisc and people. Accommodations blend of B&B, self-cater cottage, small hotel. Would appreciate all suggestions.

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If it were me, I would put your Dublin days at the beginning so that you are not driving when jet lagged ( assuming you are coming on an overnight flight from North America). You do not need a car and Dublin and can just pickup the car on your way out of Dublin.
Why did you pick Limerick as a home base for 3 days ( i.e. what do you want to do in the area)?
We absolutely loved Dingle on our recent vacation so I would make sure to have 2 night there.. we went from Dingle to Galway with a few stops in one day and it really wasn't that bad.

We had one night in Kilkenny and it was enough for us.

Just a few thoughts ...

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I'd resist the natural temptation to try to cover too much ground, and spread yourself too thin, on your first trip. Suggest slowing it down a bit to declutter your itinerary. Assume that you'll be going back someday - Ireland does have that effect on people.
I, too, would substitute Dingle for Limerick. Would skip Kilkenny too.
A couple of extra days in Kenmare would permit more leisurely explorations of the Ring of Kerry, Killarney, and the Beara peninsula - one of our favorite places in Ireland. Would add some of the flexibility you're looking for too.
Highly recommend taking a look at "Back Roads Ireland" from DK publishing. It's the only other pub we bring with us aside from the RS guide. Contains lots of scenic, off-the-beaten track drives that you might want to incorporate into your plans. Have seen used ones on Amazon for just a few dollars.
Safe travels.

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Super suggestions from all. We will reconsider home bases and probably replace Limerick. Thank you!

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Treat yourself to a night at the Bantry House after the tour--highlight of our trip last year and we will be back this fall.