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11 Nights In Ireland--What to do in each city?

My family and I are going to Ireland for 11 nights in June and our itinerary is below. We are looking for suggestions on what to do in each city and suggestions on places to see between cities (we are driving). Thank you in advance!

Arrive in Dublin 9:30 AM on June 16
Dublin June 16-19
Travel to Kilkenny on June 19
Kilkenny June 19-21
Travel to Dingle June 21
Dingle June 21-23
Travel to Galway June 23
Galway June 23-26
Travel to Athlone
Athlone June 26-27
Drive to Dublin June 27 and fly back to US

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your itinerary really only gives you 1 day in Dingle... I would take the day away from Kilkenny and add to Dingle. The drive from Dublin to Kilkenny is pretty quick and we saw pretty much what we wanted to see in 3/4 of a day in Kilkenny

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Thank you for the feedback! We have family in Kilkenny which is our reasoning for staying 2 nights. Do you have any suggestions on what to do during our trip?

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Seems odd you’d pick an itinerary without knowing what there is to see in those places. There may be nothing of interest to you in some of them. Go to a site like TripAdvisor, enter the cities in your list, then click on things to do. There will be plenty of choices. You can also just do an Internet search on the towns on your list to see what comes up. You can find places simply by looking at photographs of places. After you know which route you’ll be taking, do searches on the small towns between your main stops to see if any have sights you may like. It’s difficult to make any recommendations without knowing a little about what you like to see and do.

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Slea Head drive in Dingle is great if you have a car or you can book a tour. Read about it ahead and decide what stops would interest you. Our favorite music venue was St. James Church - they do concerts in the evening and the setting and music are soul-soothing. Make sure to buy tickets ahead and I think you can check the schedule online -it's a small venue and sells out. If you can get tickets ahead, check with the music shop, SiopaCeoil. It's at 2 the Colony, Strand Street. I think they sell the concert tickets and they also have concerts at their music shop. You could also take a boat tour out to see Fungie the dolphin. There is an ice cream shop, Murphy's, that gives lovely samples and has quite the reputation. When a French couple wanted to open an ice cream shop in Provence, they went to Murphy's to study their operation.

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Staying longer in Kilkenny makes complete see then :)

What do you like to do? see? eat?

Some of our favourites were:
- in Dublin: Kilmainham gaol in Dublin, Trinity and the book of Kells, St Patrick's Cathedral, walking around Temple bar. Loved the Canal area for a bike ride

  • Kilkenny: the castle was great. We enjoyed walking the Medieval mile Outside Kilkenny we did the Dunmore caves which were great
  • We loved the grounds of Blarney Castle
  • Killarney National Park: We rented bikes and toured the park. We also enjoyed a sheep herding demonstration at Kissane farms outside Killarney
  • We all really enjoyed driving the Ring of Kerry and stopping in the villages along the way
  • Dingle was gorgeous. Awesome music and pubs. The Slea Hard drive was beautiful
  • We enjoyed Connamera and going up to Kylemore Abbey

The absolute highlight of your trip was doing the hawk Walk at Ashford Castle.