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refunds in the time of pandemic

Has anyone else had problems getting refunds from hostels that are currently closed? I have June booking reservations at a Dublin hostel. Paid money in Nov. 2019, 6 people, 3 nights, $1464. The confirmation says the rate is non-refundable: "If you choose to change or cancel this booking you will not be refunded any of the payment." My stand is that I am not cancelling, they are, so they should return my money. Anyone else have this problem?

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Hello !

You may want to look at this site.

The Elliott Advocacy website.

Good luck

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After reading all the sad forum posts about people who booked non-refundable lodging, I doubt that I will ever again take the discount for Non-refundable. A year ago, who would have thought that we would be going through this pandemic. I think we have all learned a tough lesson.

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As said - they may refund IF they remain closed for your dates - if not - then you did choose a non refund or rate - something I’ve never done myself and this only reinforces why . I also only prepay a one night max deposit . This sucks for you , but you just will have to wait and see

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Paid money in Nov. 2019, 6 people, 3 nights, $1464. The confirmation says the rate is non-refundable:

There have been many such posts and a few people seem to have made some headway getting a credit or such. But the rate is non-refundable. I assume this was a lot cheaper than a refundable rate but the risk is evident. Best of luck but consider the money lost and rejoice if you get anything back.

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I'm having a bit of luck on refunds on our trip that can't happen. Purchased trans-Atlantic tickets through KLM, as they posted their hot price for business class before Delta, so I was stuck with dealing with KLM on those. They claim I'm in cue for a refund within 2 weeks, but only way to get anything from them is to call and wait and wait. The flights on KLM within Europe will have to wait 12 months from the voucher date for refund, but one ot two flights have vouchers issues last week.
Nearly every hotel was cancelable on, but I had two that I later changed and the time for cancellation was very short compared to the others, so I went with prepaid. Both told me to pound sand when I approached them initially, but the stay in Santander, Spain is being refunded, which I suspect is because the stay is to be before the no-travel rule is lifted by the Spanish Government. My last problem is a night in Amsterdam on June 15th, and the Schengen no-travel ends that day. If that is my worst loss, I'm happy to escape as well as we did. It was looking much bleaker a couple of months back, but I did not cancel anything (flights & hotels) until they canceled for me.

Good luck to all those in similar situations.

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I had a problem right here in the USA. I blame it more on incompetence than actual malice.

I had made two reservations to stay in a National Park that is normally very crowded,in the Spring and Summer. Therefore, one makes reservations months ahead of time.

The park is currently still closed, and even if it opens many facilities will still be closed according to the NPS ( visitor centers, park trams, ranger led activities for the kids, etc.).

I called to cancel my reservations well ahead of the deadline to get my deposit back. Imagine my surprise to be told that my reservation was in the name of another person and thus I could not cancel it and get a refund. I pointed out that that my confirmation email clearly shows my name, and, of course, my credit card was charged. A few weeks ago I send the concessionaire a copy of the confirmation emails and requested cancellations and a refund of my deposit. I also disputed the charge with my bank. The bank has resolved one of the reservations and returned my deposit money. The other reservation is still being investigated. I have heard nothing from the concessionaire about either reservaton. Not a thing. Period.