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negative test back to the US

Best way to test upon returning to US? At the airport-if positive with no symptoms what then?

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For our trip last fall to Italy, we brought Abbott Binax tests with us, carried them through Italy, and did them at our lodging the night before we flew home. You do a remote session over the internet, with a certifying observer watching you do the nasal swab, and seeing the results, before sending you a QR code validating the test. Got results in 15 minutes. If you do it at the airport in Ireland, what would be the price, and how early do you need to get there so you’ll have the results in time for your flight? If you have a smartphone and WiFi, the Abbott tests are a piece of cake, and pretty inexpensive. We’re taking them again for the South Africa trip next month.

Negative results, fly back to the USA. You may have to upload the results to get on the flight, as we had to do last fall, and have to do again this spring.

Positive results, regardless of symptoms or not, you may be quarantining in Ireland until you can test negative.

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Our hotel had a test center across the street and we got tested there. Also found tests available in the airport the next day.

Had we shown positive, we'd just had to extend our stay and change the flight reservations. It's common for that to happen.

The only place we ever showed our testing records on the whole trip was to get into a sit down restaurant.

Then after going through the final testing, not a single person checked our documents at the Berlin airport or coming into the U.S.

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Here's the info on testing at Dublin Airport. You can get an antigen test for 35 euros at either terminal, allow an hour to get results. You can also get a test elsewhere, probably for less cost, the day before your flight. Here's a summary of the CDC requirements for testing before US entry. It requires you to self-isolate after testing positive, which would be in Ireland. The Irish authorities at the airport would be the best source of info on how to do this.

The good news is that DUB is one of the few overseas airports where you go through US immigration and customs before boarding your flight, so that you have no further processing when you land.