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Would it be worthwhile to visit Iceland in the winter?

There are some great sales on airfare to Iceland for November thru March. I know that is the beginning of winter weather there. We are thinking of going in early November for 8-10 days or so. Would we be able to see enough of the natural wonders or would they be covered too deeply with snow? We will be using Rick Steves' guidebook for our itinerary and staying in AirBNB's. We are hoping to get suggestions and advice from people who have been there during winter months. In 2015 we went on the fantastic 2 week RS Tour of Italy and we are saving up for the RS Germany tour in a couple of years. But this airfare to Iceland sounds great to a brand new retiree and Iceland seems a manageable place to do on our own.

Posted by Jazz+Travels
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I've never been but constantly here that the expense of being a tourist there may undermine the low cost of the airfare

Posted by S Jackson
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I was in Reykjavik for four nights last December, and loved it.
It wasn't too cold, but occasionally very windy; and of course is only light from 10:00 until 16:00.
I packed a lot in: Golden Circle tour, Northern Lights tour, walked miles around town, went to Museums, did a walking tour, etc.
Bundle up, and get good boots that are slip-proof, and warm to minus 15 or so, and you're good.

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Thank you all for your replies. We have booked a trip for November 1-9, 2018. We are doing several 1- day tours and and following lot of the advice that RS offers in his Iceland book. Now I need to find the right boots for safety and so our feet don't freeze! I still value any feedback that anyone has to offer.

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The southern Ring Road area of the island will be much more livable than the colder/winder northern section that time of year. Not much happens after dark, so be up and ready to run while the sun is up! Enjoy! We just returned - it's SO beautiful!