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Whale watching in Húsavik

I will be in the Húsavik area in mid June and have been considering a whale watching excursion. Several questions.
1. Does anyone have experience with any of the tour operators? Pros and cons?
2. Is it worth it to include Puffin Island?
3. Is there a need to book in advance? I would like to be flexible because of the weather

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I haven not been, but in Rick's Iceland book he says Husavik has some of Iceland's best whale watching trips. Companies he mentions as the main operators and having sales kiosks on the harbor are: are: North Sailing, Gentle Giants, and Salka Whale Watching.

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Yeah, I have his book but I was hoping for additional feedback from someone who has been there. It seems like we should be able to just sign up when we are there, but I worry because of all the comments on how crowded Iceland is getting.

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i've been there. do it.

i went with a company called north sailing. solid. responsible. friendly crew. good overview of the whales from a spotter on the PA system. icelandic pastries on the return to port--though half were spilled on deck in rough seas. speaking of, bring seasickness pills. the boats are small'ish and the waves can be big. i wore 3 layers--2 of woolies, light down jacket. the company added 3 of their own layers. 6 in all! rather amusing look.

i visited at the peak of summer--whale watching on june 23rd, 2017. it rained the day i was in town, so perhaps it was a bit quieter than standard. i kept an eye on the online bookings in the run up to my visit as i didn't want to risk missing out altogether or getting stuck with a large crowd. turns out i had my choice of sailings. you'll notice prices fluctuate based on time of day--assumed demand, i suppose. the main tour booth by the harbor details all your options. it's all quite easy, really.

i wouldn't bother with puffin island. there are other options for a variety of wildlife viewing around iceland. stick with the basic whale itinerary; you'll be happy.

the whale museum in husavik is worth a visit if you're at all into whales and nature.


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Visited Iceland in September with my two daughters and 6 year old grandson, and had a fabulous time. Spent one day in Husavik and spent a few hours whale watching with the company Gentle Giants. It was very easy to purchase tickets online and reasonable. The captain of the boat was so friendly and we saw many whales. What wonderful memories. My grandson wanted to go again. I would recommend this tour company. Felt very safe and they also provided a snack and hot cocoa. I would recommend taking warm clothing; coats, hats and plenty of sunscreen.

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We are going in August and I've had very nice email exchanges with the four major companies.

I booked the Husavik Adventures RIB because it's smaller and faster, and the company is newer (and thus perhaps more hungry but also with newer vessels.)

Look forward to hearing what you ended up doing!