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Hi everyone
Really sorry if this has been asked
But I can't get my head around all this testing etc,we fly out February for 3 nights
I believe I need to pay for a test in the UK to fly out
What about coming home if so where do u get it done
Thanks so much for ur time

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sorry the countries and itinerary are unclear - impossible for me to answer.

In addition, February is a long way away in covid terms. Anything could and probably will change before whatever date you travel in February.

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Sorry, your question isn’t clear. Where are you based?

Are you travelling to or from the U.K.?

Things can change before February.

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and here's what you need to know about returning to England.

Both this link and the one above are maintained by the UK government and frequently change.

You need to frequently check and be sure you understand.

Sometimes they change with little or no notice.

See the thread elsewhere on this site where the rules requiring 5 to 10 days quarantine (even for residents) for anybody entering Netherlands literally changed overnight...