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Travel Insurance that covers COVID19

Can anyone recommend travel insurance that includes issues that stem from COVID19? I.E. being quarantined, delay or return so you stay extra days, etc. I have good medical insurance, but this is an expensive trip and am wondering about getting a reasonably priced plan. Thank you!

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Hi! This is a great (and therefore frequently asked) question. You can use the search feature at the top of the main travel forum page and put in "trip insurance" "travel insurance" "covid insurance" and find quite a few threads that will provide some suggestions for you.

Quick summary:
Trip Cancellation: This occurs when you get covid prior to your trip. Read the policy carefully for details relating to time periods, etc. Unless you buy, "cancel for any reason" coverage, it will not cover fear of getting covid cancellations.
Trip Interruption: This occurs when you get covid on a trip and are unable to continue on with your travel plans. This could include covering the costs of non-refundable pre-paid arrangements that you are no longer able to use, lodging while in isolation, meals, costs to change ticket home. Once again, read the policy carefully to see what it does cover.

So far, people have reported success with claims filed with Travel Guard and Allianz. It doesn't mean that the others aren't paying out, we just aren't hearing about them so far.

You can go to trip insurance comparison sites such as insure my trip or squaremouth.

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The Nationwide Essentials policy covers some costs (a limited amount for additional hotel nights; the cost of a one-way economy ticket home, the amount of which varies with the trip cost that you insure.) You may not find those if you search InsureMyTrip with the COVID filter on.

You will find policies marketed by Trawick and underwritten by Nationwide, marketed for their COVID provisions and offering higher coverage levels, at a higher price than the Nationwide-direct policies.

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Be leery of clicking on the Heymondo link above. First time poster. Is this really insurance? I doubt it. Reported. What do you know -- post disappeared.

There are lots of threads about travel insurance covering Covid. You can use the search feature at the top of the page. Most current thread is

I bought Allianz All Trips Premier annual insurance to cover two trips. And will buy Medjet Horizon evacuation to get me home.

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Heymondo is perfectly legit and the previously provided link is completely safe. Additionally a quick google search shows multiple reviews and commentaries on heymondo. It even has 1200+ reviews on trustpilot with a 4.5 out of 5 rating. Yes, it was my first post AND I'm also getting ready to leave for Iceland this Friday (7/29) with my family of 5 - paying $129 total for travel insurance through Heymondo. While I appreciate @horsewoofie looking out for others, the tone was pretty offputting and discourages others especially first time posters from wanting to share their own experiences. BTW, the post disappeared at your initiation and not because heymondo is suspect.

Key attributes of my Heymondo plan:
$250K USD - Medical Expenses
$500K USD - Transport or medical repatriation of injured and ill persons home (including companions)
$100K USD - Transport or repatriation of the deceased
$1500 USD/day - Extended lodging expenses due to illness or medical quarantine (including COVID-related)

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Yes it's legitimate and we got a quote...unfortunately one of us is too old. Thank you for the suggestion though! And, have a great trip in Iceland. I hope you're bringing ponchos! We just ordered them.

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matureandtravels--Honestly, as long as you have a rain coat you don't need a poncho;)

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@matureandtravels - Sorry heymondo didnt work out for you. This is the first time we have ever purchased trip insurance of any kind (never crossed my mind until I decided to do this big international trip with kids in tow) so I learned something new, i.e., age restriction. Thanks for the suggestion on rain gear. We got new waterproof hiking boots for the family as well as rain pants and jackets. Even then, we are also opting to include some Ozark ponchos from Walmart to bring along just in case. They were about $5 each and so small in size that packing would not be an issue. For the price and size, why not.