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Transfers from Reykjavik Airport to Hilton Hotel

I am spending 10 days in Iceland on a commercial tour in September. I will need transportation to and from the airport to the Hilton Hotel in Reykjavik. The hotel has informed me that taxis are extremely expensive but that there are unspecified alternatives.

Does anyone have a recommendation? Do I need to sign up ahead for transfers? Does the city bus run regularly? I will be arriving on a Sunday @ 8:10 am in Reykjavik and leaving on a late morning flight on a Wednesday.

Thanks for your help

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Just take the Flybus.

They offer door to door service. No need to prebook but you will save time buying tickets online. For your return ask when you have to alert them to make sure you get picked up. I forget.

The buses will be lined up at the airport so don't worry about booking. Once one bus fills, the next one pulls up. You will be taken to the bus station in Reykjavik where you transfer to a smaller bus that takes you to your hotel.

By the way, make sure you have the right Hilton. There are two....the Nordica and the Canopy. They are not near each other.

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Flybus is the best and easiest option

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Another vote for Flybus. It took us to the door of our hotel and picked us up from the door of our departure hotel. Wonderful service.

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Yes, take the flybus.
GrayLine also has a similar bus.
They are very efficient!

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I just got into Iceland yesterday and had no problems getting to the Hilton Nordica. I used Gray Line rather than FlyBus, since Gray Line Airport Express was the first bus I saw when I left the terminal. Gray Line is also about $10 cheaper than FlyBus. It was a minibus, too, which was nice, because I didn’t have to change from the large bus to a minibus at the terminal. It did make one very brief stop at the bus terminal downtown, but the next stop was the Hilton Nordica so I was actually the first one dropped off. Very easy.