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Tours of Snaefellsnes Peninsula from Stykkisholmur

My husband and I will be on a Hurtigruten cruise that stops at Stykkisholmur. Does anyone know of anyone who gives tours of Snaefellsnes Pennisula from Stykkisholmur? The cruise company is giving one but it is only 5.25 hours long of which 3 hours is driving time so I do not think it will be exactly what I am hoping for. I know tours for the peninsula leave from Reykjavik but they are about 11 hours long and I hope to avoid that lengthy drive. It seems more sense to do a better tour of the peninsula from Stykkisholmur make more sense. But does anyone know of any tour companies that do tour from there? That is what I am looking for.
Thanking you for your replies in advance. They are much appreciated.

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Do you have any details on the tour operated by your cruise ship? You’re right, it would make more sense to do a tour from Stykkisholmur. We did the tour from Reykjavik and it was a really long day with a lot of time in the bus. However, since Stykkisholmur is already on the Peninsula I can see why the tour is 5-1/2 hours. With 3 hours of driving time, that leaves 2-1/2 hours to get out at various stops. Unless someone comes up with something different, I’d suggest you take that tour.