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Tour opinions: Ice Cave, glacier hike and glacier lagoon

My husband and I are planning to see south / SE iceland Sept 25-27th (plus additional days doing Golden Circle and Snaefellsnes). I am researching tours and had some questions. We are moderately fit so not doing any 5hr glacier hikes/climbs.

Ice Cave tour:
1) many tour don't start until Oct or Nov so is it still worth seeing in Sept?
2) which to see? Katla, Jokulsarlon, or Blue Ice. the description for Katla mentions ash which I feel would not be colorful, but dreary. the Blue Ice says its better than Katla.

Which lagoon tour - the smaller Fjallsárlón or Jökulsárlón? would wind be less of a problem with Fjallsárlón because I feel it might be more protected from description but maybe I'm wrong; plus I like that its closer to the glacier. However, Jökulsárlón is clear.

Glacier Hike: so many different companies to pick from. All seem to be good. anyone have troubles with any company? or have a tour they really like? would the tour with the super jeep be better to take you away from crowds or deeper into the glacier?

thank you for any help and appreciate your time!

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Hi Kelly,

For what it's worth (I'm planning, haven't yet gone), I made a decision on Fjallsárlón or Jökulsárlón based on how long I could stay and what other places I was visiting. Also, my daughter (13) gets motion sick, so we'll hike to get up close to a glacier. I decided to superficially see Jökulsárlón at the same time as Diamond Beach. We have Fjallsárlón on our list, but may have to skip, which would be ok since we will do the Geology Trail hike at Skaftafell.

Can't speak to the Ice Caves!

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Kelly, I just replied to your other thread. Yes, in September the ice caves are very limited. We did Katla in October and loved it! We did the zodiac boat ride at Jokulsarlon, but did go over to Fjallsarlon and were very happy do did the other, FWIW. It is larger and just has more to see. We used Troll for both Katla as well as the Solheimajokull glacier hike. The glacier hike was run by a mountaineering company, who has the appropriately trained guides. We went in the afternoon and it was beautiful coming down off the glacier at sunset. I would not bother with a super jeep for the glacier. The hikes are plenty good, and I say that as someone that has been on a glacier many times here on the mountains in the PNW.

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Thank you so much for the information. it will definitely help with my decision making. Another question, how far out should I make reservations for the different guided tours?

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Book as soon as you know your itinerary. Excursions sell out far in advance.