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Nordic Visitor tour company

Has anyone used the tour company Nordic Visitor? It would provide a car, with GPS and WIFi, itinerary and hotels for a trip there. It offers different packages. I'm experienced in Europe and wouldn't use a tour but I thought it would be helpful in a place where I have no experience.

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We used Nordic Visitor for a self-drive tour in Iceland, the South and West Iceland Classic. I checked them out when I was having trouble finding lodging for 3 people. They were great. You can look at their itineraries, or tell them what you want to do.

All the services they list, they did with flying colors:

* They listen to what you want and design your trip accordingly
Transport from the airport, transport to the rental car agency
*A portable WIFI device and a mobile phone with enough data for calling locally- we used it to call ahead to accommodations to tell them when we’d be there if we were running late and also to call back to Nordic Visitor a few times
*A day by day itinerary of the things you’ve told them you want to do with lots information about the places and maps to go along with that.

*They set up reservations and tickets for a few activities we wanted to do
* All hotels included breakfast
*Return transport to the airport

Those are the things I remember from our trip 2 years ago. We felt like we were on our own trip, but with a guiding hand.

I called them with questions several times and also emailed. You get your own advisor who keeps track of your plans.

I have 2 recommendations:

  1. If you use them, don’t go overboard with the activities. They all look great, but you get tied to the scheduling. One every other day, or just 1 or 2.

  2. If you have the Rick Steves Iceland book, or some other guidebook, take time to look at the glossary of places names in Icelandic. They look impossible, but you’ll learn that they’re an amalgamation of geographic terms. For example Reykjavik: ‘Vic ’ means harbor and Reykj means steamy. It makes a lot more sense when you understand a few key words like glacier, falls, volcano, etc.

We have traveled on own, also, but felt that Nordic Visitor provided many valuable services for a reasonable price—not much more than if we had planned everything on our own.

Happy travels!

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Place names are tough, but Cameron Hewitt's Iceland talk gives some really good pronunciation tips.

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Take a look at Hidden Iceland as well. They responded faster and with a more personal flair than Nordic Visitor. Also, Nordic Visitor pushed me to make a decision within 24 hours for a 15% discount. That put me off.
Although, I have read a lot of happy reviews regarding them.

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Thanks for all your responses! @va from va, that is the tour I am looking at also! I will check the other company as well.