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Time to catch Flybus to make plane to US

If I am taking Flybus as a pick up from my Reykjavik hotel to Keflavik airport and have an 11:15 AM flight to JFK, what time should I schedule the pickup? Flybus's schedule says if I take the 8:00 I should be at the airport by 9:15. I would still need to find the counter to check in my bags, go through security, find the gate and hopefully have time to stop for a VAT refund. Is this enough time? Is the bus ever late? Would the 7:00 be better or will it just mean unnecessary waiting at the airport (I have a long layover in JFK)?

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When we were leaving Iceland a few weeks ago, Icelandair sent text to arrive three hours early for flight to US. I am glad we did it because the checkin line was really long. I like playing it safe- less stress.

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I agree with the others - don't risk it. Make sure you get there early enough.

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Sitting at an airport in a state of boredom is , to me, better than being in a frantic panic state trying to get there and through the 'process'