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tight connections at KEF/Icelandair

I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with intl. transfers at KEF on Icelandair.
We've got only 45 minutes to get through passport control and get onto our flight to Zurich around 7am.
Is this possible?

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Most eastbound connections at KEF are like that, it's a very easy airport and they handle many connections like that every day. It would be a different story at any of the big European or eastern US hubs.

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If you're on the same airline for both legs, you should be fine. They know how long it takes.
I've been thru there twice, and I think it took about 25 minutes.

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This airport hub works very efficiently. You will see several airplanes across the tarmac all arriving in a short window of time, they will trade passengers, and then be on their way until their final destinations.

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Done it lots of times. Get off, get on, fly away.

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They know what planes are coming in on Icelandair and that significant numbers of passengers have to be redistributed to their planes that are leaving. They will see that this happens, even if the incoming flight is delayed.