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T-Mobile in Iceland

Has anyone used it there? I looked on their site and they seem to cover Iceland, but wanted verification from people who've been there.

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I had Sprint which is basically T-mobile now since they were bought out last year. I went to Iceland in June and my phone worked fine. 2G internet was a bit slow but was enough to get maps going and my mom actually managed to stream some things with it when we were out exploring. Texts and WiFi calls/FaceTime audio wasn’t an issue at all.

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I've used T-Mobile in Iceland a few times. No real problems as above but internet is slow.

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I have T-Mobile and in 2018 used their default slow connection for GPS and Whatsapp calls everywhere (Drove the whole circle).
No issues.


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I am in Iceland and have t-mobile. It works fine. Texts and data are free, phone calls are 25 cents per minute.

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We used t mobile in iceland in 2019. Don't recall any problems, texting is what we mainly used and like another poster said if you want to make calls, use what's app.

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We used Tmobile all over Iceland with no issues. (Aug-Sept 2021)