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South Coast or Akureyri

My husband and I are heading to Iceland for the first time for 7 nights in June. We are planning 2 nights in Reykjavik, 1 day to drive the Golden Circle, but then debating whether we try to do both the South Coast AND Akureyri or pick only 1 of them. We've heard great things about both, but are concerned about the amount of time in the car to hit both. Appreciate any insights and guidance you can provide.

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I would suggest sticking with the south coast. Akureyri is nice but there is more to see on the south coast. Doing both would be stretching things too thin.

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Really tough decision! I enjoyed Akureyri more than I thought I would, and I loved the sights in the Myvatn area nearby (a thermal bath similar to the Blue Lagoon was one of my favorites). To me, the Akureyri area was less congested (early August) but had less of the unbelievable landscape views that people go to Iceland for. (Don't get me wrong, it's still gorgeous!! -- but most of what you see in Iceland promo material is the really famous stuff in the south.)