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Solo travel options for Iceland

I'm planning to do a solo trip to Iceland towards the end of Aug (others who were planning have dropped out, so am the only one left). i have to decide between self drive options or take a 7-9 days organized tours. Does anyone know of good organized tours that cover the ring road, golden circle and other important places to visit in a week or so (want to avoid tours that spend most time in road travel than seeing a place)? I'll be travelling from USA. Suggestions on US based operators are also welcome. I love driving, but have never done a trip alone so far, so am not sure if it is safe enough to drive alone there (not because of people, but due to connectivity issues and chances of getting stuck in some isolated place )

Thanks in advance

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Check other reports in Iceland Forum for most of information you need. I did read that being in Iceland is very expensive now. If photography is your reason for going it might be worth it for you. An organized tour may be less lonely and easier with accommodations prearranged.

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There are lots of great tour options, but take into consideration that Iceland is really easy to navigate on one's own and there are lots of resources now (both online and various travel books). My car rental a few years ago came with a wi-fi device, and we were able to use Google maps for navigation just about everywhere on the Ring Road -- we only lost the wi-fi once along the way (out in the Westfjords away from any civilization!). I was pleasantly surprised at how navigable the country was, even when it felt like we were in the middle of nowhere (because we were! haha).

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A lot of it is road travel... we only did golden circle and south coast, but there are hours and hours of driving with NOTHING. Nowhere to stop, nothing to see.... there is a lot of desolation there between the sites. So be prepared for lots and lots of driving whether you do it yourself or not.

And it is VERY EXPENSIVE there. Everything is super expensive... and I am from San Francisco and can never in recent memory ever felt that anywhere was really expensive. But WOW. Expensive. Just be prepared, and there is no way really to cheap out. Even a subway sandwich (just the sandwich) is $15.