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solo 3 1/2 days on Iceland South Coast

03/27/24 04:31 PM
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I've decided to travel along the South Coast of Iceland.
I'll be traveling alone for 3 1/2 days and then I will meet my partner in Reykjavík, or at the airport and we'll have 3 more days together. We plan on exploring Reykjavík, and going to the Golden Circle then.

I'm trying to plan how to make the best use of my 3.5 days before I meet up with him, without totally overdoing it (so much to see and the days are so long!)
My trip is the end of May into early June. I get in at 5 AM on a Tuesday, so I will be tired.

I'm renting a car. If I head towards Vik, because I want to get to Vatnajokull National Park, where I hope to join a 1/2 day glacier hike on Wednesday or thursday where would it make sense to sleep on my first night? I don't want to drive the whole way toward Vik alone on little sleep. I've thought about maybe Landeyjahofen, and an easy day ferry trip out to the West Islands that first day and then head towards Vik Wednesday Morning..
I'm open to other Ideas?

Also, what hiking tour groups do you like for a glacier hike in Vatnajokull National Park?
Lastly, do you think Vik is the best place to base for 2 nights (wednesday and Thirsday) to explore that area?
Thanks in advance.

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You are smart to not drive very far after arriving. I would say no further than Selfoss or so. The idea of heading to Westmann Island is too far for that first day, IME. The other option if you want to do this would be to do a Nap and Go hotel at KEF and get several hours sleep and then head out.

Vik is a good area to stay, but know that there are only about 300 residents so it is teeny tiny and doesn't have much.

As for a glacier hike, the only one we have done was at Solheimajokull and it was very good! We went with Troll, and they were great. So I can't speak for the other.