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I went to the Sky Lagoon December 2021 just after it opened. I had previously been to the Blue Lagoon (multiple times), the Fontana Hot Springs, and Myvatn Thermal Baths. I really loved the secluded look and feel of the Sky Lagoon. The way that it is built, it feels as though you are at the oceans edge, but with rock walls behind you that protect you from the wind. It really had just opened when I got there, and there weren't crowds at that time, but I can't say how it would be now that people have discovered it. I really enjoyed the 7 step ritual, but my friends were happier just with the pools. So much so, that one of them is giving her children a trip for their honeymoon! The locker room facilities were really beautiful, and I found that you could make the showering as private as you would be comfortable with.

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We had two trips to Iceland last. year and we went to Sky Lagoon both times. Once in February and once in October. Loved it!

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I went, twice, during a trip last September, and loved it! I did the Ritual on my first visit, which was nice, but it was rather crowded with a lot of people in a small area, so when I went back the second time, I just used the pool. Very relaxing - loved ending a long day just lounging on the edge of the pool watching the sun go down over the water. It was crowded, but not so much that it was unenjoyable.