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Rio Tinto aluminium smelter at Straumsvik, near Hafnarfjordur

Hi all
My husband and I are coming to Iceland in June / July 2022.
We will be on a 33-day self-drive holiday with a motorhome.
We would very much like to visit the Straumsvik Aluminium Smelter near Hafnarfjordur.
It will probably be on Wednesday 22 June 2022.
According to their website, they don’t take random visitors from the street.
They only allow people accompanied by a guide from a tour company.
I have e-mailed local tour guides and companies but can't find anyone prepared to arrange a visit for us.
I have however read many positive Google reviews from people who have visited the smelter, the newest one
a month ago. Unfortunately there is no way to make contact with a Google-reviewer.
My e-mails to the smelter itself went un-answered.
If anyone can help us to arrange a visit to the smelter, please let us know.

Kind regards
Lilian Zietsman
South Africa