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Renting hiking poles

Does anyone know if I can rent hiking poles near the Keflavik airport? Mine are too long to pack in all but my largest suitcase and I know you can’t carry them onboard the plane. There are places in Reykjavik, but we will be heading to the airport from Vík as we depart.

Other ideas on solving this are welcome. I can get a maximum 22” pole in my medium suitcase.


Glenn Fadner
Rochester, NY

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I am very picky about poles. I have a pair of hiking poles I use at home that I love, but hated that I could not take them in a carryon for Iceland. So I bought some collapsable ones that worked ok, but the entire time I was wishing I had my good poles with me. I have not decided if I will take the collapsable ones back to Iceland this summer or if I will just buy an inexpensive set of regular ones there. They do sell them at the gas stations for very reasonable costs, so I may opt to do that instead.

I am unfamiliar with pole rentals in Iceland but there are clothing rental places so you might check with those as they may have poles as well.

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TrailBuddy Collapsible Hiking Poles These come apart completely and could fit diagonally in a carry-on. However, I always check my luggage even if my bag is small. I like mine better than my more expensive ones. $40 at Amazon.

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Glenn~ That's a good question and I appreciate all the answers. I hope to just bring a carry-on, and my understanding is that hiking poles (even if they completely come apart and fit in your carry-on) are not allowed in a carry-on bag with TSA requirements. So I'm curious if Cynthia ever traveled with hers in a carry-on bag. When I traveled to Europe to do a Rick Steves My Way Alpine Europe in 2022, I bought some hiking poles in the first town we got to and left them with the hotel in the last town we stayed at. It's good to know that gas stations sell hiking poles in Iceland, as that is where I will probably buy some.