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Rental cars or busses?


We’re heading to Iceland in July. It looks like Rick recommended renting a car over excursion busses. Does that still hold true? Cheapest weekly rental I can find is $1,000 USD. (Book said it would be $350 but supply and demand + inflation has changed things). Any advice?

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Definitely rent a car and do it yourself. Yes, rental car prices have gone crazy in Iceland, more so than other places, but still so worth it! We have used Blue Car Rental twice and had no issues. We do take the full insurance in Iceland, but don't when traveling other places. In Iceland it really is necessary.

Where are you thinking of going?

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How long do you plan to be there? What are you planning to do?

If you like tours, you can find tours to all sorts of places and for all sorts of time frames. And you could find small groups tours, if that's what you'd like. The first time we went, we took a tour of the Golden Circle, which was a good introduction to the history and geology of the country. When we returned last year, we rented a car from Blue and took 10 days to drive around the Ring Road. Iceland is very easy to drive around.