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Rental car - gravel insurance??

We'll be spending 18 days driving the Ring Road (with several days in Reykjavik), Aug 26 - Sept 13. We don't plan to go on any F roads. We're concerned about what people say about car rental companies finding marks from gravel and charging a lot to repair the car.
So far we plan to use the comprehensive & liability insurance through our credit card company. Has anyone bought gravel/sand insurance and is it necessary? If getting separate gravel insurance is necessary, can we get it when we pick up the car (from Budget)?

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.... & liability insurance through our credit card company

What credit card do you have that they provide liability insurance?

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I have never heard of separate gravel insurance. I would think it was covered under comprehensive. We use the additional insurance provided by AE when using the AE credit card. Personally I would not depend on a credit card insurance policy. Poor personal experience and several bad reports here about depending on credit card coverage for a major claim.

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We use our Amex Platinum rental car insurance stateside, but when in Iceland we always get the full insurance for, Blue Car Rental, who we always rent through. Yes, these extra insurances are there for good reason in Iceland. Sand and ash can do considerable damage, so yes it is absolutely necessary. I have no idea how Budget works, so you would need to check with them. We rent from Blue as they are local and highly regarded.

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I'll also give a plug for Blue Car Rental, and for the full insurance. My sister had a run in with a car rental company in Iceland and they used another provider, and they had an inspection for gravel and similar nicks and so forth on the car and they wanted to charge significant amounts (over $1000 USD). Based on her family's experience, we did the full boat insurance with Blue Car Rental (there was an option for that right on their website so all I did was click on "full insurance" or something like that).

When we turned the car in, they just noted we have full insurance and we dropped the key off with no inspection - it was a 2 minute process. Simple and stress free. I don't recall what I paid for the "full" insurance option at Blue Car Rental but it was worth it.