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Questions - Voltage converter, South Coast, buses

I'm leaving in a week - almost ready.

I'll be at a retreat in Myvatn for a week. We'll have some free time and I'm not sure I want the expense of renting a car for limited use. Are there any buses or other type of transpo available in the area. I would love to spend some time in Akureyri.

Do I need a voltage converter? I'll have cell phone, camera and laptop. Are most electronics now made with internal converters? I'll keep researching but figured I'd ask.

I'm staying an extra few days in Reykjavik and doing the tour thing. I'd like to do the South Coast (depending on the weather) and have found a number of tours being offered. I'm primarily interested in photography so if anyone can suggest/recommend one tour group over another I'd appreciate it.

I've been watching the weather over there and temps seem relatively mild - although everything I've read says the wind and rain is what gets you. I'll gladly bring a heavy-ish coat but hate to be stuck with it if still pretty mild. I'd rather bring lighter layers.


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As long as the tech you listed is fairly new, it will already be dual voltage ready. You must likely just need an adapter but check the label - it will indicate the voltage somewhere on the plug.
Bring layers and a good coat that can handle icy cold wind...even if temps are relatively mild the wind can cut through the best of winter clothing. Be prepared so you aren't miserable!