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Question about blue lagoon buses

I am planning my second trip to Iceland (I fell in love with the country and plan to go back in a few months since I have a lot of time off this year that I need to "use or lose"). My plane lands at 6:30 am and I can't check in to my hotel in Reykjavik until 14:00. I think I just want to go to and hang out at Blue Lagoon for a few hours and soak.

I can't figure out by looking at the bus schedules and information from reviews for Sly Blue and Destination Blue Lagoon if I can pretty much spend as much time as I want there. When I look at the Blue Lagoon packages it tells me things like "Duration: 4 hours." I am not sure if that's a suggestion or if I need to catch a bus at a certain time. If anyone here has used either of these busses can you let me know if you have all the time you need or if booking these imposes a strict schedule.

I do plan to rent a car in Iceland, but not until my 3rd or 4th day there (I have plans to book tours such as a glacier hike and either Scuba diving or snorkeling Silfa Fissure and since they drive you and it's nearly all day, I figure a car is just a waste or money). But if I can't have my own Blue Lagoon schedules, I might just rent a car that first day too (or even take a cab because it looks to be about the same price). Thanks!

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In all of our trips, I have never taken a bus to the Blue Lagoon, so can't help with that. When we go to the BL, we do not do packages, and have never had a time limit imposed. It is just stay as long as you like. Same with Sky, there are no time limits. Actually, thinking about all of the lagoons/hot springs we have been to, there has never been a time limit.

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Thanks mikliz97!

I am guessing people don't know the answer. I think I will play it safe and take a taxi to Blue Lagoon and then just book a bus from BL to Reykjavik (since I don't care as much about when or how long it takes to get there). I don't want to have to worry about missing a bus on the way to BL.

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It has been about 10 years since I did this so you will need to check that this hasn’t changed. I did the Flybus/Blue Lagoon at the end of my vacation (going to the airport). While I had to specify the hotel pick-up time, I am pretty sure I could have stayed at the Blue Lagoon as long as I wanted. The bus departs at certain times, so you are constrained by that.