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Public Transport in Reykjavik

Planning to spend a few days in Reykjavik soon and wondered about the public transport situation there.
I googled it and came up with really good and really bad.
Looking to hear from someone that has used it and if it is as good or bad as the good ol' internet says.
We will mainly stay in town and walk, but will want bus access as well.
Also not opposed to renting a car. That way I can get out of town and explore as well.


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I had no problems with public transportation in Reykjavik. One of my bus drivers spoke little English, but that was my problem not his. He and the other bus drivers were friendly and helpful and I felt the routes covered the city and outskirts well. I did take one bus on its entire route not realizing that the driver got a break in the middle he stopped, pointed to his watch and suggested a walk to the coast where I was able to catch a stunning view.

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I was there in 2015. The public transportation was excellent. The only thing that was a little odd is that there is no public transportation from the bus station to the center of the city. Otherwise I'd call the public transportation excellent. Another example, was that I took the bus to Perlan. When I got off the bus driver made sure I understood that to go back to my hotel, I needed to wait on the other side of the street. The center of town is so small that I just walked everywhere I wanted to go. I would highly recommend at least one tour out of town. Many like the Golden Circle tour.

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Thanks everybody. That's helpful. I like to know the basics before I go. I'm sure I'll have more questions soon enough!

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I believe that they only take exact cash for the fare. The only place I needed cash was at two pay toilets, everywhere else credit cards were accepted.