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Prescription Medications in Iceland

My wife and I will be visiting Iceland next month. All I can find about prescription meds is that you can bring up to a 100-day supply for personal use, but Customs Officers my ask for a doctor's certificate or letter. My wife thinks I'm worrying too much. What is the real deal?

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I've been to Iceland among other places with prescription meds in ziploc bags with labels attached. The pharmacist printed me a duplicate set of what goes on the canister.

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I have a letter from my GP. It lists all of the meds that take, dosages, and what for, and that I am required to use my 3 wheel scooter to get about. I take all of my meds in their original bottles, boxes, etc. That takes up 1/3 of my carry on. The rest is a portable fan, coffee pot, coffee, plug-ins for cell phone charger, computer and clothes. Yes, I do like my coffee in the morning before I go out and about and not all room rentals have it available.

This summer, I had 2 gate checkers read the letter and they read the specifications literature on my scooter, including weight and battery type, and TSA goes through my drug bag all the time. The ice bricks make them think it is C4 and they want to see them. They also take 20 minutes to go over, around and under my 3 wheel scooter, swabbing everything as they go. So, it takes me around 1.5 hours from gate, through security, to the waiting area for my flight. Therefore, I arrive 4 hrs early to check in.