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Pool and hot spring question

I have read all about the need to disrobe and shower before donning a swimsuit and entering a pool or hot spring in Iceland. I am unclear about hair washing; I have short hair and do not intend to submerse my head in the water, so is it necessary to wash my hair in the shower before entering the pool/hot spring? I appreciate any guidance about this...

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I am unsure about the actual protocol on this, but I have always washed my hair and slathered on conditioner before going in. I too did not expect to be under water. However, on one trip I managed to slip and went under. All of me. I was so thankful that my hair was protected. It happened shortly after we arrived and I didn't worry about my hair and just kept enjoying the lagoon until we were done. My hair was fine, but I think had to be due to the conditioner. Granted, the other pools/hot springs (except for Myvatn) do not have the silica in them, but I still washed my hair at those and then out it up in a bun.

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I think the Blue Lagoon was the only place that I wet my hair and put conditioner in it. I think they recommended that prior to going in to the water as even the steam can carry minerals into your hair (apparently). For all the other pools and hot springs I put my hair up in a clip and did not get it wet prior to entering the water.

Have fun! It's a blast to go into various pools and hot springs!