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Perlan and Sky Lagoon timing questions

Hi! I am traveling to Iceland in mid-July with my 79-year-old mom and my two teenagers. This trip has been postponed twice due to Covid, so we are really hoping to make it this summer! We are going to be on a tour that starts in Reykjavik and we are arriving in Reykjavik two days before the tour starts so that we can get over our jet-lag, see a few things in the city, etc.

The day we arrive, we just want to walk around the city, get our bearings, etc., I think we will be quite tired from the overnight flight. The second day, I want to go to the Perlan Center Museum in the morning. I see that there is a family pass that I can buy in advance – my question #1 is: The pass is good any day, but are some of the exhibits timed entry? Such as the Ice Cave, Northern Lights exhibit, etc.? I would like to have a ticket with timed entry to the exhibits if needed.

My plan is to hit the Café and Ice Cream Parlor with Observation Deck for lunch.

After enjoying the museum in the morning and having lunch, we want to go back to the hotel and change/get ready for the Sky Lagoon. I definitely need to buy advance tickets to the Sky Lagoon. So my question #2 is, any advice for what time to book Sky Lagoon? I want to be sure to see the highlights at Perlan, allow time for lunch, time to get back to hotel and time to get a taxi to Sky Lagoon. Our hotel is centrally located in Reykjavik but we will need to take taxis most places because my mom can’t walk too far and does not move quickly anymore!

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We visited the Perlan in December 2021. We purchased the ticket that included the ice cave and the Northern Lights exhibits. You don't need a timed entry ticket, but, those two exhibits do start at specific times, such as on the hour, or half hour, etc. So, you just wait outside the exhibit at the required time. We did not experience any crowding or difficulty getting into the exhibits as soon as they opened. The view from the observation deck is wonderful and a great place to relax. I can't vouch for the meals, as we only had coffee and a pastry. I think we spent around two hours looking at exhibits.

As for the Sky Lagoon, it was about a 10 minute taxi ride from our hotel on Laugavegur. The concierge at the hotel got us a taxi on the way over, and the folks at the Sky Lagoon called for us on the way back.

I think the cafe opens at 1130 am for lunch, so, you might not want to arrive at the Perlan right at 9 am if you don't want to spend time waiting around. The Perlan is also about a 10 minute taxi ride to and from center.

I'm hoping this is enough info to help you determine your Sky Lagoon booking time. It is an amazing place. I will say, some in our group were perfectly happy to have the thermal bath without the 7 step ritual, so, don't pay for that if it's something you aren't interested in. We also found that the pure pass provided enough privacy for us (showers are enclosed and we could change in there). Be sure to grab towels ahead of time if you have modesty issues like we did. The staff do understand and were quite accommodating.