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Parka app,


i m planning to use Parka app, for Reykjavík

parking, and i noticed that there are few hours where i can park the car for free

so say i try to park on the ''free period'' say at 2200 hrs.

will the app tell me if the parking is free on this specific period or will it charge me anyway??


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I just used it in Reykjavik. It didn't start charging until the free period was over (9:00AM). Make sure you "check out" so it knows to stop charging when you leave.

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We used the parka app, and yes, it does know when parking is free but it won't know you left the parking spot unless you check out on the app. It does not work for parking at the Thingveller National Park. You just have to pay for parking at the kiosk in the parking lot. It works at waterfall locations on the south coast.