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Packing for July

I'm in my early 20s and in July, I will be doing a solo trip starting in Iceland. I know it will be the coldest place on my trip. I read that it gets up to the 60s but it can be rainy. I will only be spending three days there and I'm trying to keep clothing packing light. Any suggestions on clothing I definitely need to pack?

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Check the forecast just before you depart. I have been there late June and packed layers including a waterproof coat, fleeces, good boots and plenty of midge repellent.

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I have black lightweight Smartwool leggings (they come in different weights commensurate with insulating power). I wear them under skirts or shorts if I am cold. You could also do this with some nicer leggings (my Athleta leggings are pretty thick and warm). They are light (packing wise) and small (same). I dont think they look dumpy, and they allow me to account for variations in weather during the summer ... and if they get wet (rain) they still keep you warm (bc they are wool) and they dry fast. Alternately there are various pants that roll up, so they can be worn long or rolled into capris. In addition to that just pack layers. Maybe a very lightweight rain jacket (which is great for wind and general cold too if needed). None of this is fashionista-minded, but I think cute and definitely practical ;)

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It was very rainy last June when we were there, uncharacteristic a bit they said, but it was FREEZING. And we live in San Francisco where it is relatively cold most of the year. I would definitely have some lightweight but warm underlayers... you can just use them or not depending on the weather. But last summer.... COLD!!!!


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We went in mid-July in 2014 and will be returning this July. One thing we found very useful was nylon rain pants that we wore over our regular pants, They have zippers all down the sides so easily removable when it dries up. And definitely wind/waterproof jacket with a hood! it gets very windy. These items shouldn't weigh much and you will be glad you have them! Enjoy Iceland, it's a wonderful place!