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Northern Lights Tour

Hi, does anyone have personal experience with a small group shuttle bus tour to see the northern lights? We will be in Reykjavík mid-September. Thank you!

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Hi, Donna. I don’t have in-person experience with a Hidden Iceland tour; however, I have taken two excellent Context Learning virtual seminars with Ryan Connolly who is one of the owners of Hidden Iceland. Ryan was informative, entertaining and enthusiastic. After taking those 2 seminars with Ryan, I made a mental note to take a tour with Hidden Iceland whenever I get a chance to visit Iceland. (I have no connection with Context Learning, Hidden Iceland or Ryan Connolly other than taking virtual seminars with them.)
Here’s a link to one of Ryan Connolly’s seminars which I took and really enjoyed:

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On an early April trip, we signed up through Icelandair for “Warm Baths and Cool Lights,” which included a soak at the Fontana hot springs, a fabulous dinner buffet (apparently optional now), followed by a planned Northern Lights viewing. The bus picked up participants at their Reykjavik hotels, then headed for the springs.

April was at the tail end of the Lights season, and September will be at the beginning of the season, so not Prime Time, but there’s still the potential to see a display in the sky. Unfortunately, for our night it was so overcast that the Lights couldn’t be seen, and we were taken back to Reykjavik early, rather than sit out for so long with no potential results. The next day, other people who did some tour out to sea on a boat said the clouds parted for just long enough that they saw a minute or two of light flashes, but it was otherwise overcast for them, too.

The soak/steam/sauna was great, as was the tremendous dinner, so even without the lights, it was a really good trip. Still haven’t seen Lights, though.

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Those tours are "hit & miss" for when you can actually see them. I got to see them on a beautiful clear night in December. But the main reason was that we followed the Norther Lights "forecast" which shows you what time, date and area of Iceland is best for the viewing of the lights.

So monitor the forecast and then rent an airbnb and a car and head out for that night - it's well worth it!!!

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Thanks for the responses! We understand that September is not prime time but figured we’d give it a shot. We did a Northern Lights cruise in Norway in February 2018... 5 of the 13 days near the Arctic Circle. Unfortunately, we didn’t see the lights. This time we’re doing an Arctic Expedition cruise in Svalbard and added 7 nights in Iceland. Hoping we’re lucky this time!