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New eruption

Iceland has been having humorous earthquakes and this morning the volcano erupted again. Here is a YouTube live camera of it.

We were there last summer and the day we hiked it, there was no red lava. Sitting at the top of one of the trails looking over, we could just see a sea of black lava with steam coming out all over.

Our next trip to Iceland is not until next July, so I highly doubt we will see anything of this then.

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Took me a minute to figure “humorous” was “numerous”……

Numerous earthquakes were the name of the game right before St Helens erupted. Having lived through that once (I lived 40 miles away), you would not catch me trying to go near the volcano to catch a glimpse.

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I fly to Iceland a week from today. Let's hope the volcano doesn't play havoc with flights.

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Carol--omg, yes, bad typo!!! I too remember when Mt St Helens blew. We had ash all over in Yakima.

Frank--I hope it all goes smooth for you. A neighbors daughter left today for Iceland.

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From the BBC: "...unlike the eruption in 2010 of the ice-covered Eyjafjallajokull volcano, which halted some 100,000 flights and forced hundreds of Icelanders from their homes, this eruption is not expected to spew much ash or smoke into the atmosphere..."