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Motorhome rental (not Camper Van) in Iceland


We are planning on heading to Iceland in late May-early June 2019 with our two boys (2,5 and 5 then). I examined the Rick Steves recommended camper van rentals, but none of them really had what I was looking for. The idea of having to build the beds every night with two little kids and also not having any room for them to really move around a bit if we get stuck in bad weather is not too appealing. Does anyone have a recommendation from the various motorhome rental companies in Iceland.


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We just returned from 10 day trip. We had rented 3 Motorhomes of 6 people capacity each, since we were three families of 4, 3 and 3 adults and 1 teenager.

We had rented through following:

When we went to get our Motorhomes we actually had to pick up through Europcar. Camper Rental was just an intermediary. If you can book directly through Europcar it would be best. Most of the Motorhomes we saw had their logo.

We were lucky to book new ones and got brand new Motorhomes. Seeing Iceland through Motorhomes was the best decision we made. It was our home and very good facilities like 3 burner cooktop, big refrigerator and dining area.

All the best.