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Mid-April Iceland Weather/Packing

Has anyone travelled to Iceland in mid-April and can give some feedback on what the weather was like? We will be doing Golden Circle and South Coast. I know that it is still the end of winter there so we should expect chilly weather, but would appreciate some first0hand accounts of the weather and packing essentials for that time of year.

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I was in Iceland from June 15-June 30 last year. And while I think that we had more rain and cold temps than usual that time of year, I was very pleased to have the following:

  1. Rain Jacket with hood
  2. Light winter coat (i.e. a lighter puffy jacket) with hood
  3. Stocking hat
  4. Gloves (didn't really use these, but was glad to have them)
  5. waterproof rain pants
  6. waterproof hiking shoes
  7. poncho (I didn't unpack this, but the thought was I could use it when it was raining but I wanted a winter coat)
  8. Fleece-lined yoga pants.

If I were going in April (and I'd love to be going back!) I'd bring all of these again. And maybe a warmer winter coat. We had a particularly cold whale watching tour in the north where I wore the fleece-lined pants, rain pants, winter coat, hat, plus the wet suit they provide and the rain coat they provide.

I'm not a light packer any way, but I think it would be really, really hard to be a light packer for Iceland.

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I have not been there in April, but in our 6 trips 4 have been in winter. I always just layer. My rain jacket is waterproof, not resistant. I wear either my hiking pants or fleece lined leggings that repel the water, and then rain pants to go over those if I need. Under my jacket is a long sleeve merino wool shirt (Bombas) and possibly a fleece 1/4, ad then my jacket. Definitely gloves, waterproof, and a 2nd pair as backup. Trust me on this, you do not want to be without a pair after you lose one;) As for hats, a wool hat or a fleece beanie both are perfect. Make sure they are not too loose or they will fly off in an instant. I wear merino wool socks, with liners, and then my hiking boots. If you plan to do outdoor excursions, bring some toe warmers and stick those the inside of your hat near your temples. That works wonders at keeping your head warm. In April you should be ok without Yaktrax. If things are icy, buy some there, but I would be very surprised if you needed those.