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lava tubes

My wife and I are driving the Ring Road with west peninsula add ons in September. We have noticed there are several lava tubes that one could spend time exploring. In the interest of time, we would like to do one. Do any of you experienced Iceland travelers have an opinion about which one would be the "best" for us to look at? You input is always appreciated. Daniel

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I toured the lava tube linked below when I drove the Ring Road in 2018. I hadn't really intended to go in a lava tube, but, it was there, and I was curious. It was exactly what you would expect to see in an extinct volcano tube. The guide kind of explains things on the way down; different colors, what causes certain formations, etc. It wasn't terribly exciting, but it was interesting in a geological sort of way, and I'm not curious about going in to one anymore. This was the only lava tube I went in, so I can't compare to anything else. All safety gear was provided, and it was a bit of a spelunking excursion.

I do remember seeing advertisement for a lava tube that looked like they lowered you in a elevator, versus the spiral stairway in this cave.

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Thanks for your reply. Perhaps one tube is enough, and the one you have listed is convenient to our route.