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Keflavik vs Reykjavik as Base for a short visit

We are in the early planning stages for a trip next Jun. We are going to Scotland on a guided tour plus some extra days and are considering flying Icelandic Air with a 2-3 night stopover in Iceland coming back. I'm leaning towards just renting a car and doing some touring on our own. Given the distance to the airport from Reykjavik, would it be easier/doable to just find a hotel in Keflavik and using it as a base? Or is there a particular reason to stay in Reykjavik? We're a group of fairly active 60/70 yr olds. No interest in very active hiking or nightlife. We'd just like to see some of the amazing scenery in Iceland.

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Reykjavik is a happening city with lots of stuff to do, and Keflavik is land around the airport. I would stay in Reykjavik hands down.

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Agreed, especially since you are leaning toward renting a car. Keflavik is 20-30 minutes of highway from Reykjavik. I would definitely choose Reykjavik as my base. It's a nice little city, and assuming you'd be doing the Golden Circle, you'd have to drive toward Reykjavik anyway. Rick has a Reykjavik walking tour in his Iceland guidebook which I enjoyed (I can't remember if it is also recorded).

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All the touring you might do on your own will be about 30 minutes more driving each direction if you start from Keflavik compared with starting from Reykjavik. If you stay in Reykjavik, you'll only do that drive one way on your arrival day and back on your departure day.

And Reykjavik has many interesting things to see. Take a walking tour of the city.

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I've been to Iceland a few times and I agree with the previous posters that you should stay in Reykjavik.

I'll be staying in Keflavik in about 10 days but that's just to get some sleep between flights. Otherwise, if I had more time,, I'd head into Reykjavik.

Before renting a car for the entire time, plan out what you want to do. You really don't need a car in Reykjavic so why pay for it, and parking, while there. You can take the Flybus into the city and then rent if you need it. Of you might find that day tours/itineraries like the Golden Circle might be better left to someone else to do the driving.

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Thanx. We're still doing planning. All depends on what airline we use for the trip. Airfare next year is crazy.