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Itinerary Question - 8 nights w/ 1 year old


We are going to Iceland for 8 nights here shortly over the first week of July. We are debating between spending the whole trip in reykjavik or doing 5 nights there and 3 in the south coast.

I understand people book this almost a year out and we will have slim pickings. Just trying to balance moving around with getting to see the south coast. Thanks!

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Definitely do not spend 8 days in just Reykjavík. The south coast is gorgeous. I understand not wanting to move a one year old around a lot, but honestly, you’re already taking them to Iceland, so you may as well do what you want when you get there.

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I'd be tempted to do 5 nights on the south coast and 3 nights in Rekjavik.

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Do not spend all 8 nights in Reykjavik. Too much driving out and back every day, and some of the wonderful sights will be a longer driving day.

Good luck on finding lodging anywhere. Look on,, or AirBnB. One thing I do is find a location on Google Maps, then zoom in until the bed icons show up and click on those. You can find many smaller guesthouses and farmstays that way, although a lot of them also are on At least by starting with a map you can get an idea of location.

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4 nights in the south coast or 3? So would either be 3 & 5 in Reykjavik or 4 & 4.

Also, any place in particular in South Coast that you recommend to make base?

You've all sold me on staying in south coast. Thank you.

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I would only stay the first night in Reykjavik, and then head out. However you are extremely late to planning for this year, so your itinerary will depend upon what lodging you can find. To give you an idea, we booked our south coast lodging back at the end of March and had a very hard time finding places even then. I knew that would be the case as we go often, but this trip was booked on a whim, so we had to really finagle our interary around what we could find. With 8 nights, minus one in Reykjavik, that gives you 7 to go up to around Hofn and back and then stay your last night closer in, say Selfoss or closer, so that you are close enough to the airport so in case of any accidents, road closures, etc you have a buffer built in.